Vasiliy Popov

ENTITIES is the world's first generative custom collection created by a famous poet and NFT artist Vasily Popov. This unique and rare collection is based on the main handwritten and created based on the book of Entities collection. The world of this collection is developing and will have its own universe in all its manifestations - from merchandise and computer games to a feature movie and space flight!

about the collection

This collection was created in May 2021.
All 101 NFTs were successfully sold on OpenSea.

The project includes a few different drops. All of them are united with a joint idea: a creator and the other world that is full of entities.

On 7th November, Vasiliy Popov had signed a partnership agreement with NiftyPlanet, an international NFT marketplace. NiftyPlanet will support and help to accelerate Vasiliy's career in the NFT world.

All rights for the heroes will belong to Vasiliy Popov until the book, including the rights to all characters and the story, will be sold or otherwise confirmed with an interested party
101 NFTs based on ETH were sold out (available only on secondary market)
3333 NFTs were generated on BSC (1667 white entities + 1666 black entities)
“Entities” is a book about the other world. The book includes all the rights for gamification, creation of a movie or continuation of this story
The Book is available on OpenSea - 500 ETH
The Book is also available on NiftyPlanet - 500 ETH

Special NFT

In a first collection there was only 1 NFT like this
- only 3 pcs available on NiftyPlanet (1.5 ETH/piece) Vasiliy will create a special character based on an image of the owner of this NFT. This character will be included into the second collection of 101 entities.

Based on these works, there will be 3 NFTs generated and these NFTs will be sent from Vasiliy’s address to the new Owner.

Live now!
Mint event launch time - 6p.m. GMT
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Live now!
Mint event launch time - 6p.m. GMT
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The first 101 unique Entities sold out on OpenSea
Entity book creation started in 2019 and finished in June 2021. Available on OpenSea and NiftyPlanet
Customized generated collection from 8-th of December.
It will be available 1666 NFTs with 0.333 BNB price on NIftyPlanet
The second stage will be announced later based on the market situation. All the NFTs are integrated on TreasureLand
New 101 unique Entities. Will be available soon on OpenSea
Second generated collection with 3333 pcs - Q3 2022
Play to earn the game and comic book creation
All the NFTs from the second collection were created by Vasiliy with the usage of an antique NFT generation bot. The first collection of this bot was generated in 2018
Entities Traits
Entities Traits
Random NFTs from the Second collection will be randomly distributed between 101 unique Entities holders
Random NFTs from the second collection will be used in a special giveaway campaign
There will be a buyback arranged together with NiftyPlanet for some NFTs that will be used in a special context in December 2021
More exciting information